An Honest approach to helping Triathletes

While I don’t know squat about swimming (other than knowing you should hire a swimming coach because it’s all about technique), and I may not run except when I’m on the treadmill at the gym or chasing my son around the park, I do know cycling. Training for the cycling leg of a triathlon involves more of the basic endurance and speed work that road cyclists do in the early season, but that’s not all you need. While preparing the muscles and central nervous system for the workload is important, as a Triathlete you still need to spend time developing all your body’s energy systems.

New this year!  Since a triathlon is all about having the mental fortitude to keep pushing when your body says no mas!  I am adding a whole new component to my coaching packages. Included are two thirty minute phone calls each month, specifically focused on the nine key mental skills that successful athletes posses. Read more about the mental training program here.

How to Improve Your Splits

If you want to become a better Triathlete, your biggest improvement usually comes from a faster bike split.  What I suggest is that Triathletes work to maintain the levels of their run and swim, and dedicate extra time over a season to train like a road cyclist. 

Getting Started

Together we’ll assess your strengths and weaknesses, analyze how you’ve been training, and look at your diet (optional). Going forward we’ll discuss build a training plan that includes working on drills as well as breathing, flexibility, posture and mental strength.  The ultimate goal is to help you reach your potential!

Ready to get started? 

Complete coaching for $150 per month or, grab a friend and sign up for Semi-Private Coaching only $75 each!!