Mental Skills Training

Are you ready to move to the next level of performance?

Now with superlight bicycles, power meters, and coaches, becoming and staying competitive in any sport means being dedicated and paying attention to detail.  Winning requires building a complete package of skills and tools that include equipment, training, nutrition, lifestyle balance and yes, mental skills.  Train with me and I will help you assess, develop, and implement a complete list of effective mental skills.

The US Olympic Committee, and I’ll venture to say every top professional sports organization in the world, recognizes the importance of an athlete’s mental skills tool box in relation to their performance.  Will power and mental toughness are only the start.  Research has identified several aspects that might be considered a “mental” skill, however Jack Lesyk Ph.D., founder of the Ohio Center for Sports Psychology has an effective program based on years of research that narrows the list down to nine mental skills that successful athletes possess. These are tools that:

√  Build mental toughness
  Improve self-confidence
√  Teach you to think like a winner
√  Develop imagery tools for maximizing your performance
√  Learn and implement effective goal setting strategies

As a trained psychotherapist, when you sign up for coaching with me we will be able to work together on developing and implementing tools and skills that cover the nine key identified mental skills that successful athletes possess.*   I am not talking about having little chats about writing your goals down or thinking positive. Together we will dig in and make changes that matter. We will work on how to:

  1. Choose and maintain a positive attitude
    2. Maintain a high level of self-motivation
    3. Set high, realistic goals
    4. Deal effectively with people
    5. Use positive self-talk
    6. Use positive mental imagery
    7. Manage anxiety effectively
    8. Manage their emotions effectively
    9. Maintain concentration

In addition, if you have blocks to accomplishing or issues with being assertive, motivated, struggling with self-confidence or even have relationship problems with your partner or family that affect your training, I can help.  As a psychotherapist I have the skills and training to support your cycling in a more comprehensive way.

Let’s work together and get you set for a great season.  Give me a call at 425-417-6522 or send me an email and let’s talk about getting you started today.

*Developed by Jack Lesyk Ph.D., founder of the Ohio Center for Sports Psychology.  The assessment tool employed by Dynamic Sports Training is used with permission.