Bicycle Coaching Programs

Sign up for coaching with me and I will provide you with detailed recreational or racing oriented plans that not only tell you what to do, but how to do the drill, why we’re doing the drill and how it fits into the overall that that will get you to your goals.  And that’s just for starters!

This is a detailed custom training package for people new to riding, whether your goal is to get in shape, train for a century, starting to race or have serious racing planned.  I’ll be there with you the whole way, helping you focus your training to maximize your potential.

All this for only $150 per month
($50 set up fee waved if you sign up by December 1st)

If you have a power-meter, I�ll review your power-meter file weekly to analyze and discuss your progress.  We will talk several times a month, discuss your improvements, concerns, events, races and upcoming training sessions. This is a great plan for touring cyclists, beginning racers and fitness enthusiasts just getting into cycling and/or training with power.

  • Start up phone call and initial packet analysis
  • Goal setting for success
  • An annual plan periodized to reach your goals
  • A customized monthly training plan; adjusted 1-2 times
  • Your workouts outlined and explained in detail
  • Basic nutritional analysis and guidance (optional – one time $50 charge)
  • Fitness testing to determine Heart Rate and Power zones
  • Monitoring of key power-meter files and workouts
  • Heart Rate Monitoring and review of Heart Rate files
  • Basic strength training & flexibility recommendations
  • Lifestyle assessment (stress, sleep/wake cycles, digestion)

New this year!  Included in your coaching package are two thirty minute phone calls each month that focus on building the mental skills and tools that you need to be even more successful.  Taken from the growing field of Sports Psychology, together we will work to increase your strength in the nine mental skills identified as strong in successful athletes.  According to Jack Lesyk, Ph.D., founder of the Ohio Center for Sports Psychology, Successful Athletes:

  1. Choose and maintain a positive attitude
    2. Maintain a high level of self-motivation
    3. Set high, realistic goals
    4. Deal effectively with people
    5. Use positive self-talk
    6. Use positive mental imagery
    7. Manage anxiety effectively
    8. Manage their emotions effectively
    9. Maintain concentration

Click here to read more about how Mental skills training will increase your performance potential.

New this year!   Semi-Private Coaching!   $75 per athlete
(+$100 set up fee waved if you sign up by December 1st)

Receive all the benefits of my individualized coaching plan, but share the cost with a friend!  The only catch is that riders need to be somewhat similar in ability and fitness levels.  This is perfect for a riding buddy!

You will each receive individual attention, however the training schedule will be similar.  What’s nice about this is that when you head out for a ride together, you have similar goals for the day.  Give me a call for more details.

Feel free to call or email if you have any questions.  Let’s work together and get you set for a great season!