Dynamic Sports

Bicycle Coaching & Mental Skills Training

Now offered together for maximum performance!!

√ Do you want more from a Coach than a list of drills?

√ Would you like to know not only how to do a drill, but why?

√ Want the secret to making solid year to year gains?

√ Want the benefits of a power meter without buying one?

I am on my ninth year of coaching bicycle racers and recreational riders across the US and want to expand what I do for my clients. Instead of merely writing detailed training plans, I want to share more of my knowledge and teach you how to train and coach yourself. Sign up for coaching with me for a season and I’ll show you how to create a complete training package based on your goals. You’ll learn:

How to do the right drills for each phase of training
Why each drill is important to your fitness and overall goals
How the drills fit into the overall plan
How to crank up your fitness for a specific race
How to structure a race weekend for success
How to maintain top fitness for a series of races
How to set yourself up to be stronger for the following season
That’s all in addition to getting a customized training program completely periodized for helping you achieve your goals. Using the right workouts at the right time, I will help you maximize your performance potential.

New this year! Included in your coaching package are two thirty minute phone calls each month specifically focused on building the mental skills and tools that you need to be even more successful. Taken from the growing field of Sports Psychology, together we will work to increase your strength in nine mental skills identified as strong in highly successful athletes. According to Jack Lesyk, Ph.D., founder of the Ohio Center for Sports Psychology, Successful Athletes:

1. Choose and maintain a positive attitude
2. Maintain a high level of self-motivation
3. Set high, realistic goals
4. Deal effectively with people
5. Use positive self-talk
6. Use positive mental imagery
7. Manage anxiety effectively
8. Manage their emotions effectively
9. Maintain concentration

Click here to read more about how Mental skills training will increase your performance potential.

Complete coaching for $150 per month or, grab a friend
and sign up for Semi-Private Coaching, only $75 each and a free brightest farthest flashlight!!

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“I owe a lot of credit to where I am physically & mentally to a guy who’s been my coach for the past two years, Marlon Familton. I’ve known Marlon for at least the last five years and remember the days before he turned professional coach, when he coached us new racers “just because he had a passion for it”. Through his power based coaching over the past two years I’ve watched my fitness reach levels I’ve never seen before.

I say this for our newer guys on the team, especially you guys with the $1,200 PowerTaps, if you really want to step your race fitness up, work with a coach. If you need a referral, I can think of one guy I would highly recommend. It will be money well invested!”

Jim Ross-Lyons

“I’ve had several coaches over the years as I have struggled to improve my cycling. Marlon the first to listen to what was important to me and then create a plan that avoided the techniques that I already knew didn’t work and offer new ideas and methods that did. As a result, I had my best season ever! Most importantly, I had confidence in his plan, saw and felt the results, and had a great season!”

Theresa Trinka-Hoard

“After my first year of racing I decided to get serious and hire a coach. Marlon was the perfect fit. His knowledge of body conditioning and bike racing got me off on the right foot. He tailored a program to meet my needs. As a father of three and a business owner trying to fit in training is a challenge. Marlon kept my program simple but effective and best of all it was doable. As a result I made substantial gains in my power at threshold.”
Alex Rosenast
“Amazing things happen when you don’t quit.”

This profound realization popped into my head one day back in 1980. During one of our region’s first outdoor skating events, the legs underneath me whined about being tired and my mind debated not if, but when to quit. Somehow my internal Will to Win managed to override all that negativity. No one was more surprised than me when I attacked and won the race.

Dynamic Sports Training is not a static, cookie cutter, web based training schedule. It is a Dynamic approach that challenges clients to set goals and train using:

Cutting edge power based training drills to maximize your training time
Proven mental skills techniques that give you the added strength to succeed